###Technical Articles###

* [Admin: Linux file server performance boost (ext4 version)][11]
![linux] [linux]
Improving performance of a linux fileserver by upgrading and tweaking ext4 options.

* [Admin: Linux file server performance boost (ext3 version)][10]
![linux] [linux]
Improving performance of a linux fileserver by tweaking ext3 options.

* [Dell server performance madness][9]
Getting my sanity back trying to find out why my brand new Dell Rack server would give me such bad performance.

* [Multiple ISP firewall – The setup][8]
![linux] [linux]
Setting up a dual-broadband flexible firewall with all the expected trimmings of a fail-over service, a DMZ and load-balancing of outgoing traffic.

* [File and folder synchronisation][7]
![win][win] ![linux] [linux] ![mac][mac]
Over the years I’ve struggled to keep my folder data synchronised between my various desktop and laptops.
Here I present the tools I’ve tried and what I’ve finally settled on as possibly the ultimate answer to the problem of synchronising files and folders across multiple computers.

* [Recovering deleted Windows partitions][6]
How to recover a deleted partition as if nothing had happened.

* [Macbook Pro, after the honeymoon][5]
The great and the ugly of my relationship with my MacBookPro.

* [Installing Windows Server 2008 x64 on a Macbook Pro][4]
![win][win] ![mac][mac]
All the details to get the greatest Windows OS work on one of the greatest laptops.

* [A short RAID trouble-shooting story][3]
![linux] [linux]
How to read RAID partitions when some of drives have failed.

* [When your computer becomes forgetful][2]
![win][win] ![linux] [linux] ![mac][mac]
Getting some strange errors and crashes?
More often than not, checking your system memory will help you keep your sanity.

[9]: /2009/sysadmin-dell-server-performance-madness/

Last modified: Monday, 2 February 2009


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