Admin: Linux file server performance boost (ext4 version)

In the previous article, I showed how to improve the performance of an existing file server by tweaking ext3 and mount settings. We can also take advantage of the availability of the now stable ext4 file system to further improve our file server performance. Some distribution, in particular RedHat/CentOS 5, do not allow us to... » read more

Admin: Linux file server performance boost (ext3 version)

Using a Linux for an office file server is a no-brainer: it’s cheap, you don’t have to worry about unmanageable license costs and it just works. Default settings of most Linux distributions are however not optimal: they are meant to be as standard compliant and as general as possible so that everything works well enough... » read more

Sysadmin: Multiple ISP firewall – The setup

After suffering broadband trouble for the past 9 months, including interruptions that lasted a few days, I decided to get an additional line installed by a different ISP. I could have bought one of these multi-WAN devices but decided against it for a couple of reasons: I like a challenge and I wanted to achieve... » read more

Linux: AutoCAD DWG to SVG preview conversion.

Years ago I did a [small utility][cad2svg] to convert [DWG][DWG] or [DXF][DXF] files into a vector-graphic, zoomable, [SVG][SVG] preview. The Linux command-line utility was used in a larger drawing management application that I had built before I left that company for greener pastures. The Linux server-based application would scan the vast (100,000s of [CAD drawings][CAD])... » read more

Linux sysadmin: a short RAID trouble-shooting story

I recently had an issue at a remote location (12000km away) where the old multi-purpose Linux server that had been working for the past 5 years wouldn’t boot again after a nasty power failure. The server was used as a firewall, a local email store, a file server and a backup server, so its failure... » read more

MediaWiki: Formating and colouring Code

MediaWiki is the wiki software behind WikiPedia. The issue, when using it as a software development tool, is formatting code in a pretty way. As we did with WordPress before, here are some details to make dp.SyntaxHighlighter work fairly seamlessly with MediaWiki. ###Install the client-side highlighter### Download dp.SyntaxHighlighter. Uncompress its content under a new `/skins/common/SyntaxHighlighter`... » read more