Sysadmin: file and folder synchronisation

Over the years I’ve struggled to keep my folder data synchronised between my various desktop and laptops. Here I present the tools I’ve tried and what I’ve finally settled on as possibly the ultimate answer to the problem of synchronising files and folders across multiple computers: * [rsync](#rsync) * [unison](#unison) * [WinSCP](#winscp) * [General Backup... » read more

Sysadmin: Macbook Pro, after the honeymoon

I’ve been using the MacBook Pro I introduced in my [previous blog entry][0] for a few weeks now. Between love and frustration I hang… Here is a review of our relationship so far. ##The Great## ###Hardware delight### Whether running OS/X or Windows 2008 I’ve got no major complaint about the performance of the machine. It’s... » read more

SysAdmin: When your computer becomes forgetful

Sometimes your computer crashes without reason. It happens at any time, for no particular reason. Other times you’re trying to install a new OS on a brand new PC and at some point, it fails, reboot itself or just hangs. A couple years ago I had this really depressing experience with a brand new system... » read more

Software: Cheap Microsoft Licenses

I’m not particularly pro -Microsoft but I’m not against it either. I love Linux, got my [RHCE][1] (Red Hat Certified Engineer) a bit more than a year ago and I love Open Source, Linux and all things [GNU][2]. The only thing I really dislike about Microsoft is its marketing, its pricing, its [Genuine (Dis)Advantage][3] that... » read more

All sites won’t work with IE7

technology01.pngI installed a beta of IE7 last week and was quite pleased at the new interface and tabbed browsing, which has been available to Opera and Mozilla used and many other browsers for years. However, looking good and being slick and more standard-compliant hasn't been enough to keep it on my machines.

SlickRun: Desktop command-line launcher

technology02.pngIf you feel you often have to interrupt your typing to move your mouse around and click on it to open applications or websites, the SlickRun is the perfect power toy for you.

It's just a small application that can either stay in your tray until you call for it or that can display a small semi-transparent prompt where you can type in configurable commands that it will launch.

Microsoft Office 2007 beta 2

technology02.pngI received an email from Microsoft updates this morning and there awas a link to download the latest beta of Office 2007.
After registering, I got a few files including the Microsoft Office Professional Plus package at about 440MB and proceeded to installing the beast.